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Cattlerss post

Holstein Heifer - Holstein Heifer Approximately 1050 lbs. (by tape) Healthy and good disposition Negotiable. In the group picture the one facing camera is for sale Price: $1500. Call: 386-623-1558 or See More Details
Beef Calves - Angus, Brangus, Herefords, Charolais, Beefmaster, and crossbreds available! These calves would be great additions to your current herd. M and M Cattle Call: 352-426-2843 or See More Details on ocala4sale.comClick for Website
Miniature Zebu Cattle / Registered Foundation Pure - We may have what you're looking for - Tame, Friendly, Healthy Cattle. The Other Side Farm Call: 352-465-0025 or See More Details on ocala4sale.comClick for Website
Registered Fullblood Lowline Cow/Calf - Selling Bar J Brook 9W3 (FF9713) and her, 4/5/15, bull calf OT Norman (FM26432) sired by Bar J Crimson Tide. Price: $4000. Oak Terrace Lowlines Call: 850-242-1407 or See More Details on
Club Calf Steer - Ang/ Sim/ Cross 650-700 lbs Weaned started on feed. Price: $1500. Ferris Farms Call: 352-400-0388 or See More Details on
Lowline Angus Registered Purebreds - Have a total of 6 purebreds for sale. They are great bloodlines, easy keepers, would be a fantastic starter for anyone wanting to breed grass fed beef Price: $2500. Benchmark Lowline Angus Call: 843-997-9590 or See More Details on
Mini Cows/ cattle - Hereford Bull yearling 34" $1000. call 386 249 5892 Cow 1/2 Jersey 1/2 Dexter 37" w/ 4 mo bull $1450. Cow 1/2 Jersey 1/2 Dexter w/ 2 wk bull $1450. Call: 386-364-8383 or See More Details on
Dexter calves for sale - Two dun colored purebred six month old weaned calves for sale. Price: $1000. Call: 352-465-7497 or See More Details on
Registered Miniature Zebu Heifers - AMZA registered miniature zebu heifers. Born 3/10/13 and 4/15/13. $900 ea. 352-591-5363. cell # 352-427-7375. Price: $900. Call: 352-427-7375 or See More Details on
Miniature zebu bull - 2 Miniature zebu bulls. Born 1/19/13 and 10/20/13. $400 ea. 352-591-5363. cell # 352-427-7375. Price: $400. Call: 352-427-7375 or See More Details on
Angus mix heffer - 3 1/2 years old heffer never bred very friendly About 1200-1400 lbs Price: $3000. Call: 941-629-7177 or See More Details on
Black Angus Bull Calf - Reg. Bull Calf. Born 1/23/15. AI Sired by Special Focus; damn (his mother) sired by SS Objective. Asking $2,000. View in Micanopy area. 352*812*5137 Call: 352-812-5137 or See More Details on

Goats & Sheeprss post

Mini Fainting Bucks for sale, Lake City, FL - Born 04/2015; UTD on CDT vaccine, intact with horns. Mom is fainter; dad is a blue eyed Nigerian. Price: $100. Call: 386-365-5176 or See More Details

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Goats & Sheep cont.

Healthy Male goats - These are boar/ Spanish goats. All have been born and raised on my farm. Very nice and use to being handled. All are 1-2 years old Price: $100. Call: 386-292-0703 or See More Details
Tiny, blue - eyed dwarf baby goats - Tiny dwarf goats for sale, many spotted & blue - eyed. Email for more info. Call: 407-320-3951 or See More Details on
30 Head Sheep Flock for sale - 3 year old St. Augustine breeding ram, katahdin cross ewes and lambs call 352-406-5510 Price: Make an Offer. Call: 352-406-5510 or See More Details on
Goat for sale - Male kid 2 months old from a registered Nubian and 3/4 board goats. Price: $125. Call: 362-455-5530 or See More Details on
Boer and Boer/ Kiko goats for sale - Boer goats from Shazam / Tarzan Line! Great for breeding! Price: $170. Call: 352-256-1350 or See More Details on
Billy Goats - 2 LaMancha, 1 LaMancha/ Ober mix - 2 full - blooded male LaManchas born 6/10/15. The other male is 3/4 LaMancha, 1/4 Ober born 6/17/15. All have been have had their horns de - budded. Price: $250. Call: 352-816-3046 or See More Details on
NEW Goat Milking Stand/ Stanchion with Head Gate - This is a carpenter built milking stand with two size head restraints, ideal for Milking Goats, trimming hooves, or shearing goats, or even sheep. Price: $110. Call: 352-426-7136 or See More Details on
2 Fantastic milking Lamancha's for sale. - Two young milking sister Lamancha's for sale. 2,5 years old. Registered. From show lines. Friendly with all kinds of animals. $250 each. Price: $250. Call: 315-520-0837 or See More Details on

Llamasrss post

Pigsrss post

Hampshire Hog - 3 year old Male Hampshire Hog, he weighs between 350 and 400 lbs. asking $300.00 or willing to trade for something of equal value. Price: $300 Or Best Offer. Call: 386-497-2110 or See More Details

Poultry & Fowlrss post

Frost greys, law greys, leiper hatch - Many different breeds of fowl. frost, law, leiper, mcclean. many different crosses. all proven crosses. 20 weeks old. $15 each or $30 a trio. Price: $15. Call: 386-854-5302 or See More Details
Chickens for sale, Lake City, FL - Clean, healthy, disease- & parasite - free, young multipurpose laying hens. Lay large brown eggs. $20 each. Call: 386-752-7274 or See More Details
Chickens for sale - Rare red silkies and Easter egg chickens. Call: 386-752-7225 or See More Details

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Poultry & Fowl cont.

Roosters - Game roosters, also other chickens 1 to 5 dollars. Price: $5. Call: 386-454-3095 or See More Details
Laying Hens - Older Laying Hens. 5 Rhode Island Reds, 9 Golden Comets, 5 Black Sex links, 11 Barred Rocks. $8.00 each OR $5.00 each for ten or more. Bring a crate Price: $8. Call: 386-965-0414 or See More Details
Fresh eggs for sale - $2/ dozen. Call: 386-758-7881 or See More Details
Guineas For Sale. - Young, 1/2 grown guineas for sale also Keats of different sizes and colors. Priced according to size. Very cute, healthy babiesCall Heather . Call: 386-935-2025 or See More Details
Oriental Silkies for Sale, O'Brien, FL - Bantam chickens. Great broody hens. Easily gentle down. Choose colors & sex, $50/ pair. Call: 386-454-7139 or See More Details
Peacocks and peahens for sale, O'Brien, FL - Paired, your choice of colors, $150. Extra peacocks, $100. Extra peahens, $75. Peachicks from this season, $10. Call: 386-454-7139 or See More Details
Emus for sale, O'Brien, FL - All sexed. Young adults, will breed this winter, $150. Emu chicks, 7 mos. + $100. Breeding adults from last season, $300. 386-209-5996 Call: 386-454-7139 or See More Details
Turkeys; Everything Must Go! - Breeders, Young Birds, Poults Heritage breeds, Going out of Business! Call: 386-935-3818 or See More Details
RI reds roasters young - 4 young RI reds 10.00 ea Price: $10. Call: 386-288-6775 or See More Details
Hens for sale - Sexlink I have 10 hens for sale All are laying at this time Price: $10. Call: 386-623-2468 or See More Details

Equipmentrss post

Horse riding machine for sale - Learn to balance yourself. Great for people with MS; stimulates nervous system. Call: 386-433-6307 or See More Details

Wantedrss post

Billy goat wanted - Mature, friendly billy. Delivery needed. Call: 386-752-4654 or See More Details

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